-He sighed softly, following the other male inside the restaurant.-


How about you stop talking about me. I’m here that’s all that matters.

….so how have you been anyway, and your Dad. -He took a glance around at all the filled chairs.- Busy lately?

I guess Gokudera has a point. -continues to lead him along, past the bustling entrance towards the stairs- We’ve been good~ Pops is busy with the shop as usual, and I’ve been busy with baseball. But don’t worry! I still keep up with mafia training too.

 What about Gokudera? Anymore alien discoveries? -asks as he pushes his door open, letting the other’s hand go then-



-A grumble came from him as he was pulled close.-


Asking stupid questions gets you a punch to the face. Do you want me to punch you, really?

 Haha, so its better I assume then, right? -grabs his hand to pull him inside- Unless… Gokudera was hoping I would go to his place instead? Pop’s is always happy to see you though~ 



-A scowl set on his face as arms went to his waist. At the comment the bombers brow twitched and he was quick to shoved the others face away, edging out of his grasp.-


Your shameless perversion is disgusting.

-somehow finds his way beside him again- Hahaha! Its fine, we were just going to clean up anyway. But it was Gokudera  who chose to start undressing in front of me… So I think it was expected. 

-pulls him closer- 

 Gokudera came a long way to deliver underwear… Did you just miss me maybe?

Maybe if you cleaned up after yourself you wouldn’t have misplaced them. -With a huff he crossed his arms.- What are you talking about?
 I’m usually pretty good about that… But I had morning practice the next day! -slides over to stand next to him, slipping a hand along his waist to pull him close- Doesn’t Gokudera remember we couldn’t find them after we played in the bathroom?
tachibana-mamakoto-deactivated2 sent: You cute little --- marry me

image ”Haha! Me? Are we playing the marriage game again?”

smokin-bomber sent: Oi, Yakyuubaka! You left your damn underwear in the bathroom again. -throws the dirty briefs at the other males face.-

Yo Gokuder-! -stands there for a moment, blinking behind the underwear then peels it off- 

image … So that’s what happened to it. Was Gokudera’s missing pair there too then?



Yamamoto was always my favorite.

MANGACAP 「010|100」



My name is Nagi, Yamamoto. And… No, thank you very much. I’m… Not that desperate… *actually is* He’s never around too…

 Haha, I mean… Nagi. Ah- but Gokudera’s really good. Are you busy after school? We usually meet up at one of our houses! I’m sure he wouldn’t mind another student, a-ha~



Yoshi thought for a moment on the other male’s question. He had recently transferred to Nami Chuu from his private school in Italy so he was still learning names. “I think the captain of the Kendo team’s name is Yamamoto Takeshi. I remember the shock when he took the position from Mochida in a match.” The brunette sighed. “I don’t know how he has the time with him being on the school’s baseball team.

Golden-orange eyes glanced sideways at ‘Yamamoto’-he decided to call him Yama-kun for the time being-he looked worried,perhaps even panicked. ‘Maybe that’s just my imagination though’ Yoshi thought to himself. Standing up the teen hefted his bag onto his shoulder. “C’mon,we can go to my house. Maman should be out and that crazy tutor of mine is vacationing in Italy.”

"Kendo team?" Takeshi asked with a surprised, yet pleased smile. He hadn’t thought of joining another club aside from baseball, although… it certainly sounded like something he would be into. It made him curious, just how different this universe was from his own. If indeed, it really was different.

So far, it was certainly sounding as though that were the case. “I see… I’m on the baseball team in my world. And I’m in the mafia. Tsuna is too! And Gokudera- Oh! Is Gokudera here too then?” He glanced around some at the question, eyes eventually going back to the other boy, a little startled at the invite he was given. It was quite the switch from how they were interacting before. Granted, the situation somewhat called for it. At least on this Tsuna’s end. Or… Yoshi’s, rather.

 ”That’s really okay? Haha, the little guy still lives with you then? And Lambo?” Yamamoto asked these things as he began to follow Yoshi, relieved that things were working out even if he was in a bit of a predicament. If all went well, perhaps a solution would be found. Whether it was on his end, or with his friends back in his world. “I wonder if my alternate-self took my place at home?”